Monday, January 9, 2012

A Journey to and Lesson from Taiwan

Three times into this small island in the Pacific Ocean has given me lessons in life.
Did I have a heart for these people? No, not until I came close to them, got to know them did I start to love them. They have always been there. I didn't know them until I went to where they were.

Same is true of our God. He is and has always been there, whether we see Him or not. It is not until we come closer to Him, get to know Him that we learn He has always loved us. Seek Him and He promises He will be found.

God is working everywhere. We only need to look around and see where that is. It could be in Taiwan at an orphanage in Lo-Tung; it could be in Tainon where a wonderful lady has given her life saving babies from abortion and helping young girls stay pure.

It could be there is a mission in your own back yard like Mission Adelante in Kansas City, Ks. They are ministering to immigrants coming into our country. Jesus tells us to take care of orphans, widows and aliens.

Yes, God is working everywhere. Look around you. Let God show you where He is working. You may be surprised at what you see.

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